2016 season

LONE RIDERS is a new work written by Carol Wright Krause and directed by Manuel Zarate that will be premiered as a Production Workshop at TSP in May! Lone Riders' straps the supplies to the horses, mules, and covered wagons begging the question, what stays and what goes? In a time of love, war and art, will the final frontier be a communal journey, or at best are we all just riding alone?

Cast of Characters: TSP is pleased to announce our cast for Lone Riders! Introducing Kimberly Barrow, David Barrera, and Renee Barnett in addition to TSP alum Evelyn LaLonde (Blood Brothers) and Steve Williams (Our Town)!

About the Author: Carol Wright Krause holds a PhD in Theatre from the University of Missouri. Her play Charlotte Cushman was produced by NYC’s Circle Rep Lab and Chicago’s SummerNITE. Her play The Car had a staged reading at NYC’s LaMama New Voices and has been produced in a number of college and community theatres, as well as the South Carolina Repertory Theatre. Her play The Dryad enjoyed a successful 2014 run at Barter Theatre. She most recently was selected playwright for the 2016 Winter Playwright’s Retreat with HBMG Foundation.

Dates: Our Production Workshop performed May 11-22, 2016.

You screamed at Haunted Songs, you swooned at Heralding the Holidays... but what will happen at Oh the Places You'll Hide, Trinity Street Players' Halloween Cabaret Fundraiser! Starring TSP alum Approximately 90% of your ticket price is tax deductible! That's right! First Austin/Trinity Street Players will send you a Tax Deductible Receipt after the performance to thank you for your financial contribution.

Starring TSP alum Baxter Lowrimore, Ryan Smith, Steve Williams, Sarah Danko, Carl Gonzales, Scott Ferguson, and Ann Pittman Zarate! Featuring music from Wicked, Little Shop of Horrors, Shrek, Phantom of the Opera and more!

All proceeds go to the administration of Trinity Street Players and maintenance of the black box theatre, a vital venue for Austin artists. Also featuring David Hammond, Megan Hudson, Amie & Marillah King, Joe Grady Moore III, Jane & Bill Newchurch, Jared Slack, and Mary Jane Smith!


MainStreet Musicals is a national organization dedicated to the work of new musicals. Based out of New York, MainStreet Musical festivals happen all over the United States and for the first time will be coming to the city of Austin! TSP will collaborate with Ann Pittman, Manuel Zarate, Robert King Jr., Andrew Hatcher, Nikki Birdson, Adam Roberts, David Blackburn, HBMG Foundation, RKJ Entertainment, and the Vortex to bring a MainStreet Musicals Festival to Austin!

Three winning musicals submitted to MainStreet Musicals will be workshopped and performed in TSP's Black Box and the Vortex November 18-20, 2016!

Stay tuned for tickets to the festival!